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How Spy Apps Help Parents Monitor Their Kids’ Online Activity?

Titli Farooqi Apr 26, 2019
Spying applications are great. They are a perfect tool for parents to curb children’s cell phone overuse and addiction.

Screen Time

The average screen time found in kids is 9 hours per day. This is due to the widespread use of smartphone devices. Since children spend so much time on the Internet, parents never know what activities their kids are involved in. This is why they need to keep an eye on their children without losing their trust.
This is why spying apps are an important tool in parental monitoring. These applications allow parents to monitor what their child does online, including who they talk to and at what times.
Spying applications have features that help parents monitor their kids. Cell phone monitoring applications such as Xnspy provide parents with a range of features that give minute-by-minute activity of their child.

Features of Spying Applications

Location Monitoring

Using this feature, you can monitor their current and previous locations. You can mark locations as safe and unsafe. This generates alerts in case the person being monitored enters an unsafe place.
Location tracking is an easy solution for parents to know the exact location of their children so they don’t have to call them again and again to find their whereabouts.

Instant Messaging Applications

IM apps are a perfect way for people to stay connected. There are many IM apps out there some of which are Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, Skype, WhatsApp, Vibe, LINE, Kik, and Tinder Messages.

If you want to monitor messages for a specific word or words, spy apps generate alerts in case the word is used in conversations.

Call Logs

This feature allows users to view the caller ID, number, and the duration of the call. You can also view when the call was made. In some spy apps, you can also record outgoing as well as incoming calls.


A keylogger also known as a keystroke logger keeps a record of all keystrokes. This way there is no way of missing out on anything that is typed on the keyboard. Using this feature, you can even monitor messages that were never sent.

Email Monitoring and Browser Activity

When it comes to email monitoring, spying apps get the name of the sender, recipient, and the content of all emails. You can also monitor when the email was sent. Likewise, you can monitor the browsing activity of a device including the websites that are being viewed and bookmarked sites.


With a spy app, you have access to all multimedia files on the phone such as pictures, videos, and audio files. These files are uploaded to your account, from where you can view and download them. This feature helps parents in determining the activities that their kids may be involved in.

Remote Control

You can use this feature to remotely lock a phone, block contacts, block apps, or wipe date from a device. Parents can use this feature to control the amount of time their kids spend on their phones. This feature also makes sure your child stays away from inappropriate content.

Live Monitoring

This feature allows users to capture live screenshots of the monitored phone. You can also listen to the surroundings of a phone when it is in idle mode. For parents, this means that they can monitor who their child talks to regularly.


Spy apps generate alerts to determine whether a person is in trouble or not. In the case of location monitoring, an alert is generated when the person is in an unsafe place.

Similarly, you can get alerts on specific contact numbers and email IDs. You can also get alerts on specific keywords that may be used in conversations on messaging apps.

Users receive alerts through SMS, email, and their spy app account’s dashboard.

These are some features that help parents in monitoring their child’s activity by ensuring their safety and their involvement in inappropriate behavior.
It starts with choosing a spy app. While there’s an entire list of apps that you could choose from, Xnspy certainly is the one that you wouldn’t be able to overlook.

It’s affordable, works great, and lastly, it’s non-intrusive; something that your child would really appreciate.