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How AMP Can Increase the Traffic of Your Website

Since its inception, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has been working wonders to help boost the website traffic.
Akshay Kulkarni Jan 25, 2019
Google launched the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project on February 24, 2016 and since then it is helping a lot of websites to boost traffic. From the news media sites like The Washington Post to the e-commerce ones like Carved, many companies are experiencing a significant growth in terms of the traffic and conversions with AMP.


With the upsurge of mobile users on the Internet (to almost 50%), mobile responsiveness is a must for websites. AMP helps you create websites that are faster and high-performing across all devices, especially mobiles. Basically, AMP makes your site mobile-focused.
After the mobilegeddon update in 2015, Google emphasizes on ranking websites on the basis of their mobile-responsive web design and if AMPed, Google prefers and also shows your site with the AMP icon on its SERP. With AMP, you can utilize both these factors to help boost your ranking and thereby the traffic.


About 47% users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. AMP strips your website to its bare minimum with the custom AMP HTML components; Google AMP Cache pre-fetches AMP pages directly from the Google servers. This makes your web page load within a second.
If a particular web page loads fast, users stay engaged and view more pages on the site, thereby increasing their time on site and reducing the bounce rate. Also, since July 2018, Google includes mobile site load time in its ranking algorithm. And as AMP speeds up your website, you can easily conquer the quest of higher Google rankings.

User Experience

Fast loading and mobile-focused design, the features of AMP are congregated to give a better user experience. Furthermore, Google introduced AMP Stories, a succession to the AMP project to enhance the user experience even more with visually compelling and equally appealing Stories.
AMP Stories are Instagram/Snapchat like Stories which provide fast-loading, full-screen, tap-through, visually rich, and immersive user experience, and are searchable and shareable on the web. As AMP Stories independently appear in the Google carousel, they open up even more possibilities to rank higher and generate organic traffic for your website.
To implement AMP on your website, either code it from scratch or directly install the WordPress AMP plugins. To make your site aesthetically appealing and highly engaging, implement AMP Stories too. Creating them is much easier with AMP Story Builder, a tool by Visual Stories which helps you craft immersive and visually rich AMP Stories without much efforts.