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Homemade Cell Phone Signal Booster

Dhanashree Patane Jan 28, 2019
A smooth and clear conversation on the cell phone is a rare blue moon for many with bad network issues. A homemade cell phone signal booster is one option for quick and good signal reception.
Stretching and waving the arm, talking on a stone tower in the yard, and finding excellent receptor corners in the house, is common for people who live in dense concrete areas and other places where there is poor network and signal. Call drops with no or very poor signal and other voice issues are frustrating and annoying too.
It keeps people on their toes whenever there is a call to make or attend to. Well, you cannot blame the service provider for the poor signal and ask them to fix the issue by adding a tower near your house. So how to improve your cell phone reception easily? Well, a practical solution to the network issues is to increase the receiving capacity of the network.
Many mobile phones have the external antenna port, so you can use external cell phone boosters or power boosters. But do these antenna boosters really work? Well, most of the time they do work. Many products are available in the market today for the same. However, some of them can be expensive.
If you want to enhance the signal of your cell phone, there are some inexpensive and easy-to-make-and-use options that you can make at home. With simple and everyday things, a good homemade cell phone booster can be made. Here are some homemade solutions for uninterrupted conversations on the cell phone.

Making a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters can be made from the most usual things with meager or absolutely no cost.

Paper Clip Booster

You will need a paper clip. Now straighten one end of the clip, and with a wire cutter slightly bend the tip of the straightened end of the paper clip. Place this inside the small antenna opening on your cell phone. Using a tape fix the rest of the clip flat on the cell phone. You can use an invisible tape for a clean look.

Wire Hanger Booster

Using a clothing wire hanger, you can make an easy cell phone booster for home. Take a hanger and straighten it on any stick or similar object. Now press one end of this hanger in the antenna opening of the phone. Cut the wire hanger to a desired antenna length and fix with tape.

Tesla Coil Booster

This coil is used in the garbage bag ties. The wire is made up of elements that are also used in the cell phone antenna. All you have to do is wrap the coil around the antenna for enhancing the signal quality.

Metal Can Booster

You will need two empty cans. Place one empty can with the closed end on the bottom, then place the second can with the lid and base removed, you will get an open cylinder. Now join one open surface of the hollow cylinder to the open surface of the first can with a base.
With the help of a soldering gun and solder, join both the cans to make one long cylindrical object. Measure a few inches (3¾) from the closed bottom of this cylinder and make a dot with a marker. Using a nail, make a hole on this mark, and then with a flat screwdriver, enlarge the hole (about 1cm). 
Insert the antenna connector in this with the copper wire first, and from inside of the cylinder fix this with a nut. Use a pigtail antenna and attach one clamp to the copper wire inside the cylinder.
Now face the open end outward to a window and fix the other end of the connector to the external antenna port of you cell phone. This may be a larger antenna for boosting cell phone signals. But it works really well.
Other few options like fixing an old antenna to the external antenna port, attaching insulated copper wire to the base of the antenna, or the simplest like switching off your cell phone and restarting the phone may also fetch you an increased 2 - 3 bars of signal. 
Cell phones are one of the most important gadgets of today. These homemade cell phone signal boosters can enhance the signal quality and reception for a smooth communication.