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High-Authority Websites to Submit Guest Posts for Free in 2019

Buzzle Staff Jan 5, 2019
With the rise of AMP Stories, guest bloggers can now create their own visual blogs and write content in a new format that scores high on user engagement metrics.


AMP Stories have urged wanderlusts to opt for visual e-travel logs over traditional ones. Websites like Vacayholics, USTravelia and ThrillSpire offer creation of AMP Stories which makes free guest-posting easy and fun. You can help others plan their vacation by narrating your travel experiences.


An early adopter of the AMP Stories format, Tastessence, allows you to guest blog on food recipes, meal ideas, and cooking tips in the form of highly engaging visual Stories. Diet-conscious guest-bloggers can create AMP Stories regarding healthy foods and food habits on NutriNeat, for free.

Health and Fitness

Recognizing the potential of AMP Stories, a website called FitnessVigil, allows fitness freaks to guest post their fitness mantras in the form of AMP Stories. Medical experts can guest post their precious insights on prevention and cures of various ailments on HealthHearty.

Science and Technology

ScienceStruck features free guest posting on branches of science; Techspirited offers the same for the tech-savvy.

Business and Finance

The corporate class, today, writes, reads and shares AMP Stories, as they cover topics concisely. Websites like WealthHow and BusinessZeal offer free guest posting on financial advice and business startup ideas.

Beauty and Fashion

With their visual appeal, AMP Stories are an effective medium for sharing fashion ideas. Fashionhance is a website to showcase your fashion styling talent for free. HairGlamourista offers free guest blogging in the AMP Stories format, where one can post hair styling tips and tricks.


Of all the niches AMP Stories are suitable for, entertainment is among the most popular ones. Websites like Entertainism and Melodyful allow free guest posting in the AMP Stories format. Be it about the best 90s' movies or the latest albums, both websites allow writing stories in their respective niches.


Any sovereign state's constitution has one aspect in common - the Freedom of Expression. Though social media has championed free opinion, websites for this purpose are limited. OpinionFront, an exception, asks users to contribute their opinion on legal matters and social issues.


Taking up a new hobby and sharing it with others is fun. Be it philately or dancing, HobbyZeal is a website where you can share your hobbies in the all-new AMP Stories format. Aspiring shutterbugs can guest post photography tips and tricks on PhotograFeed, a website dedicated to photography.

Arts and Crafts

Right from facts about famous paintings in the world to coloring tips and tricks, ArtHearty offers the perfect canvas for artists to share their expertise via AMP Stories. CraftCue, another website offering free guest blogging, allows creative minds to share craft ideas as AMP Stories.


Many times, strangers connect with each other just because of their pets. Websites like DogAppy, CatAppy and PetPonder are the perfect platforms where you can submit guest posts about your pets using the AMP Stories format, thereby allowing you to connect with other pet lovers.

Home and Garden

Enthusiastic interior decorators can share their embellishment ideas via AMP Stories on DecorDezine; while gardening enthusiasts can guest post suggestions and tips about gardening and home exteriors on Gardenerdy.

Education and Career

Right guidance is very important, be it education or career in general. Education experts and career counselors can help students and professionals, clear their troubled minds by guest posting valuable advice in the form of AMP Stories on EduZenith and CareerStint respectively.


A website like HelpSaveNature helps environmentalists spread awareness by creating potent Stories. The website LoveBondings lets you contribute content dedicated to relationship advice. You can share your favorite quotes on Quotabulary; all this in the form of immersive stories.
These websites use a tool developed by Visual Stories and allow users to submit free guest posts in the AMP Stories format. This content format is powered by Google's AMP technology. It is the format that every guest blogger and content marketer should adopt early, to gain a competitive advantage.