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HDTV Converter Box Problems

HDTV Converter Box Problems

HDTV converter box problems are easy to troubleshoot if the exact issue can be identified. The following section gives some solutions to solving problems which are commonly faced with these boxes.
Techspirited Staff
An HDTV converter box is a box which helps to make the digital signals compatible with the analog TV sets. This device is called a set top box, or a digital TV adapter box, or digital to analog converter box. If your service provider has a subscription for digital transmission, you have to get this box for converting these digital signals into analog ones and making them compatible with the analog TV set. However, all the digital TV signals are not high-definition television signals, which may cause you to encounter some problems with the box.

Cable connections and the position of the TV antenna are the two basic checks to be performed before looking for other solutions. The first thing to do on encountering a problem is checking whether the box is powered on properly, and if there are any loose connections in the power cord of the box or TV set. Then you should check whether the satellite cable which comes from the antenna is plugged correctly and tightly into the box. After this primary analysis, check if the antenna is positioned in the correct direction of reception, and adjust it correctly if it is not.

Troubleshooting Problems

Although HDTV has become popular, the prices of these boxes are high. The firmware is upgraded for the new software, and even after that you can encounter problems, some of which are given below along with their solutions.
  • If the color of the skin tones of the people on screen look unnatural, you have to go to the picture menu and select the 'natural' or 'movie' option. This is because, when the box is manufactured, the settings are made as per the showroom requirements. Therefore, you must change these.
  • If there are white and black spots in the picture, this is the problem of your satellite broadcaster. You cannot do anything in that case.
  • While watching a movie, if you see a white outline on the border of every person on the screen, it can be because you have set the TV's sharpness very high. You will have to keep reducing the sharpness from the menu until it displays a normal picture.
  • If you see no picture or hear no sound, turn off the box and re-start it. In case of sound, you can also press the mute button and then increase the sound. Make sure that the volume button is turned on.
These problems of converter boxes can be solved at home. However, if you cannot troubleshoot the box any further, call the HDTV service for the same.