How to Choose a Handheld GPS Unit?

If you are a hiker or someone who likes to travel a lot, then a handheld GPS system is perfect for you. Not only will it prevent you from getting lost in wilderness, but it has a lot more to offer depending on how advanced the device is.
Techspirited Staff
Global Positioning System or GPS tools are like advanced compasses, which would show the directions. However, these systems don't just show you where North is, they also show you how to get to places, tell you where you are, and similar details. It does so by using special satellites that orbit in space for the simple purpose of navigation.
There are four basic types of GPS navigation units: the car system, the portable outdoor unit, the marine GPS, and the PDA hybrid. What we are going to be talking about is the handheld unit; a variation of the portable outdoor unit.
This unit is an ideal tool for those who travel constantly, and alone. It is versatile, and convenient. It's as simple as carrying around a cell phone, but just a little bigger. It provides directions and information for any place on the globe. It lets you download maps, can be mounted in car and boats, and can also be used while hiking.
Choosing a Handheld GPS System
  • Know the purpose of use: these systems are evolving everyday and they are no longer as simple as they used to be. The units now come with extra features that can be tempting to get, but you need to be sure of what you need. The systems are versatile, they can be mounted in a car or they can be carried around. Depending on your need, you can choose the ones designed for outdoors or the ones for indoors. Those for outdoors are more expensive as they are made to be waterproof and are designed for rugged use.
  • Choice to be updated: choose a system that can be updated easily, this is because roads and routes are constantly changing, and the information on your handheld device will need to be updated often. The best way to get around the problem of updates is to have a removable memory so that it can be easily updated with routes and software as the need arises.
  • Black and white or Color: there are a variety of display screens. You can choose either a color display or a black and white display. While the color display is much more pleasurable to use and offers clarity, it is expensive. So if you do not want a fancy device and want something that is cost-effective, then your option is the black and white display.
  • Accessories: some people consider certain features or add-ons, as must have accessories. These are expandable memory or antenna needed for better reception. But if budget is a problem, then the basic version is more than sufficient.
So while handheld GPS systems are important for the globetrotter or the hiker, remember that these are expensive, depending on how advanced the device is. At the end of it, choose wisely and travel safely.