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How to Run a Free Reverse Email Search

Omkar Phatak Feb 8, 2019
Is a free reverse email lookup possible? How can an email be traced to its owner? Read to know all about it.
The power of rapid communication, which electronic mail has granted us, is often taken for granted. Only those who have lived through the age of postal communication (popularly known as snail mail), can truly appreciate the luxury of using an email facility.
Every technology, created by man, is prone to being misused and email is no exception to this. Spam is a major problem to deal with. Though effective spam filters have been designed today, emails sent by unknown senders keep making their way to our inboxes.
Sometimes, like a call switching problem, mails intended for people with names similar to ours, end up in our inboxes. A free reverse email search service tends to be a useful facility to have up your sleeve, in such a scenario.
Going for such a search on the Internet is like trying to locate a needle in a haystack. When Internet was still in its infancy, there were directories and usenet forums, that you had to search, for any bit of information.
The introduction of the Google search engine changed it all. Thanks to its specialized algorithm, life is simpler for netizens and looking for any kind of information is substantially simpler.

Running a Search

Reverse email lookup is made possible because of the traces of information that people leave on the Internet. These traces can be investigated and lead to identities of people.

Visit Websites

Some of the sites that can do the job well are 'Pipl', 'Spokeo', and 'Radaris'. Some of these sites are what are known as social networking aggregator sites. They scour the public-listed information on many social networking sites and piece by piece, gather information about individuals. They specialize in people search.
Besides social networking sites, their other sources of information are court records and public databases. The sites mentioned could trace anyone's identity from email ID. Most of these sites offer names of email ID owners for free, but need to be paid for detailed information.

Use Google

One option is to use a search engine. If you are suspecting an email scam and looking for identity of sender, a Google search will work.

Get in Touch With Site Support

One of the rampant problems on the Internet is receiving threats from unknown senders. The email sent is tough to trace as it bounces around through many proxy servers before it lands in your inbox. People sending threats through email, are smart enough not to use their names in email IDs and see to it that the mail cannot be traced back easily.
In such a scenario, one should take help from the authorities. Cyber crime specialists are better equipped to handle the situation. With their backing, you can contact site support, at the sender's end, for help in the matter.
Tracing the identities of people on the Internet has become increasingly easier, with the introduction of social networking sites. People search and organic networking are the buzzwords on the Internet today. With sites like Facebook thriving and enjoying greater popularity, locating people and getting connected was never so easy.