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Internet Booster Features

Internet Booster Features

One of the many ways to get faster Internet speed is to use an Internet speed booster. This maximizes the efficiency of your machine, and speeds up your Internet activities by a considerable margin.
Rahul Thadani
One of the best ways to get faster download speeds is to use an Internet booster, or download an accelerator. These software programs perform a wide variety of functions on your machine, and make your Internet experience faster and smoother. These are particularly useful for people using slower Internet connections, and even for those who are still stuck with the almost obsolete dial up connections.

This software will optimize the speed of your Internet connection and will give you the benefit of carrying out all your Internet activities at a much faster rate. It will also save your PC from a lot of unwanted errors, and will clean up a lot of unused and unwanted data as well. Here is a list of all the benefits that an Internet speed booster will bring for you.
  • Faster web browsing.
  • Faster download rates.
  • Quicker and smoother streaming of music and videos.
  • Quicker response with emails.
  • Quicker loading of heavy webpages.
  • Faster loading of heavy web graphics.
  • Quicker wireless Internet access.
  • Better data flow.
  • Less corrupted files downloaded.
  • Perfect working with ADSL/DSL routers and modems.
  • Smooth functioning over networks.
  • Increased peak download speed.
  • Better VPN and WAN performance.
  • Faster web browser.
  • Faster Internet speed on a whole.
All these benefits make Internet boosters a very welcome addition indeed, as it improves the overall performance of your PC when you are working online. Moreover, the lack of any costs to procure this makes it even more attractive. Even if the results that you achieve with this tool are not all that great, there is absolutely no harm in trying out this software. Any little benefit that you do gain regarding your Internet access will be a plus for you.

Utility of Internet Boosters

Most of these boosters come as a package of three different utilities which combine together and improve a computer's performance drastically and give you better Internet speeds. The first utility that you get is a network pinger. This utility prevents you from getting disconnected from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and thus, gives you the benefit of an uninterrupted connection. This also gives you maximum control over the host, the sound, and the ping interval as well.

The next utility that you get is a speed booster for your machine. This helps to increase the rate at which data and information is sent back and forth from your machine. It also helps prevent the fragmentation of data as far as possible, which happens to be one of the biggest risks of Internet technology. The third utility that you get allows you to change the free memory available on your machine. By clearing up your RAM space, you can make your PC considerably faster. With the help of this utility, you can choose a certain amount of free memory space that you want and then optimize your machine, or you can also prevent your memory space from falling below a prescribed limit. With so many advantages at your disposal, you must start using this immediately, if you are not already using one.

Boosters are available for almost all commonly used Windows operating systems, and what they do is change the settings in the Windows Registry in order to boost your computer's speed and performance while surfing the Internet. They also work with all web browsers, and with all types of modems, routers, and servers. You must also remember, that this software merely optimizes your computer to be used on your existing Internet connection. If it is a slow connection by default, then you need to get a new broadband Internet plan, or you need to upgrade the hardware of your computer. This tool merely maximizes the efficiency of your existing condition.

You can easily locate and download booster software from the Internet, and enjoy the benefits that they provide. Your web surfing experience will be revolutionized once you start using this tool.