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How to Flip a Computer Screen

Here's how to fix your inverted computer screen.
Omkar Phatak Oct 27, 2018
Among the many pranks you can pull off on a computer, the most amusing one is screen flipping. If you pull it on someone, the only way the victim can work is by either flipping himself upside down (using an advanced yoga trick like Shirshasana) or by flipping the computer screen, physically.
If you are a victim of such a prank or have accidentally done it, this article is for you. You don't need to flip out if your computer screen flips out, as the problem can be fixed very easily, in a matter of seconds.
Flipping a screen is a function that requires the use of software programs called drivers, that directly handle the hardware-level functions. To flip the screen, you require the graphic accelerator driver.
They are usually pre-installed in your computer and are accessible through the installed operating system settings. We assume the operating system in use is Windows XP or Vista.

How to Flip a Screen Or Restore It Back?

Short Cuts For Flipping

It is a simple 'Three Key' keyboard shortcut, using which you can flip the screen in any direction you want. All you have to do is the following (Assuming you have Windows XP or Windows Vista installed):
  • To Rotate Screen By 90o to the Right, Hit Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Key (→) in Succession and Hold
  • To invert the screen, Hit Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow Key (↓) in Succession and Hold
  • To Rotate Screen by 270o, Hit Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow Key (←) in Succession and Hold
  • To Restore Screen Back to Normal, Hit Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow Key (↑) in Succession and Hold
Try it out. It will work, provided this feature has been activated in the driver software.

Enabling Or Disabling the Flipping Function

Right click on the screen and select 'Graphic Properties'. The driver software window will open. Double click on the 'Display Settings' tab. There, you will find checkbox options for flipping the screen by 90o, 180o, 270o or 360o.
Then select 'apply', to rotate the screen. You can disable this feature by unchecking the 'Enable Rotation' checkbox or turn it back on by checking it.
In case, you have a 'Intel Graphics Media Accelerator' driver, you can access the graphic display settings directly by using the keyboard shortcut - 'Ctrl + Alt + F12'.
So all it takes is hitting three keys on the keyboard (Ctrl + Alt + ↑ / ↓) to flip the computer screen and restore it back to normal. If you are scared of your kids pulling off this prank too often, you now know how to disable this screen rotation facility from the driver settings.