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Ethernet Splitter

How to Make an Ethernet Splitter in 4 Easy-to-follow Steps

Here is information regarding the best options, working, and other related aspects of the Ethernet splitter.
Amigo G
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2018
LAN cable RJ45 with splitter box
If you have a small office, where you use multiple computers, you can use an Ethernet splitter to make a connection between computer networking devices, or multiple computers, through a single cable, so as to share the Internet connection among them.
Let's consider a very simple scenario: in an office, 2 computers and 1 Ethernet jack with an Xbox and an HTPC are present. Suppose, you practically can't extend cables to the office from the patch panel, the splitter will help you to connect these 2 devices.
With little knowledge about cable wiring and some patience, you can make your own splitter by following a specific protocol. 1 Ethernet instrument will connect 2 or more computers, enabling communication between multiple devices. If you know about the basics about routers, hubs, and switches, you can make a splitter.
Devices Required
You need the following devices:
  • Ethernet cable scrap (approximately 3 feet long)
  • RJ45 keystone jacks (4 pieces)
  • RJ45 crimp plug (2 pieces)
You will require following tools such as:
  • 110 punch down system
  • RJ45 crimp equipment
  • An adhesive such as a glue
  • A knife
Step 1
It is important to use the appropriate cable splitter, such as RJ45 1X4. Wire strip approximately an inch of coating from both sides of the cable.
Step 2
Next step consists of the wiring scheme. After you strip the cable, you can notice 4 pairs of wires; each of them has a color code. Untwist the existing wire pairs. You can make the wiring scheme as follows, beginning from the left:
  • Green/white
  • Green
  • Yellow white
  • Solid blue
  • Blue white
  • Solid yellow
  • Brown/white
  • Solid brown
Step 3
Now, arrange the jacks such as, jack 1 consists of:
  • Solid blue to pin 2 jack.
  • Blue white to pin 1 jack
  • Brown/white to pin 3 jack.
  • Solid brown to pin 6 jack
Jack 2 consists of:
  • Green/ white to pin 1.
  • Green to pin 2
  • Yellow white to pin 3
  • Solid yellow to pin 6
After you have punched down the 4 pairs, stick 2 jacks to each other. Now prepare one more splitter by following the same procedure.
Step 4
Connect 2 computers or devices to one splitter, and connect the splitter to the RJ45 wall plate. Now plug the patch plate to the other splitter, and connect 2 cables with patch cables. Both the knob links will turn on, if you have done the connections right.
A splitter such as RJ45 1X4, can be used for establishing 1 common Internet line between 4 network devices or computers. It makes the use of cable types such as, cat 6 cable, cat 5 cable, or a standard Ethernet cable. In case of information sharing by the Internet, between multiple computers or network devices, a splitter serves as the best option.
Similar to a modem or a CPU, a plug is provided at one end of the network splitter, which can be linked to the modem. The other end of the cable splitter has 2 ports, which can be linked to different cables. Thus, if you want to double the number of systems that get Internet access, you can link the splitter to the modem.