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Information about the Ethernet Crossover Cable

Information about the Ethernet Crossover Cable

If you need to connect two computing devices directly to each other, you will require an Ethernet crossover cable. Read the following article to find more information about it.
Techspirited Staff
Transferring data from one computer to the other can often be tedious if you have to make use of external drives for this purpose. But, if you have heard about the Ethernet crossover cable, you won't find it difficult! It is a cable, which provides the facility for transmission of data in each direction. It has two connectors on either of its ends and they are used to connect two computers or networks at a time. This connection makes it very convenient to transfer important data from one PC to the other without using any external drives, which are often virus carriers.

What is it?

This cable is very useful in directly connecting any two network devices or two single computers in the absence of a router, hub, or a switch. There are many Ethernet cable types which are used for various purposes. They are, however, many of the times used for setting temporary connections between devices to send and receive the data. This is done directly within the devices themselves with the help of this cable.

Crossover Cable Wiring

It works appropriately because of the unique construction of the Ethernet cable wiring inside it. In the following points you will get a detailed explanation of its working.
  • It is commonly known that, in the Ethernet cable pinout, there are two basic cables, viz., the straight and the crossover. There are specific color codes given to them and they need to be connected appropriately because, if not, there can be a loss of Internet access.
  • Straight cables are used for any normal Ethernet cable connection and they have identical ends. A straight cable can be converted into a crossover cable anytime.
  • In case of the crossover type, there is a requirement of conversion in the connections and you can have 568 A at one end and 568 B on the other to be connected to the RJ45 plug.
  • When two devices or computers are connected with this cable, there is no need of an Ethernet cable splitter, which is used mainly to connect more than two devices.
  • The wires inside the straight type have an identical sequence designed with the help of color codes on each end. But in case of Ethernet cable, the 1st and the 3rd, the 2nd and the 6th wires are crossed. These wires thus help in allowing the data to be sent and received from both the ends, which is not allowed in the straight type.
  • However, there is also a drawback that, these cables can be used only to connect devices of the same type.