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Exceptionally Easy and Quick Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Easy Ways to Speed up Your Computer
Computer slow like a turtle? We dish out some easy ways to speed up your computer in the nick of time here.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
'Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Dude, I just need to check my Facebook account once. As it is I hardly get one or two notifications, and this sloth of a PC? Takes forever to load just a single damn page. I'm so not repairing you, Mister!' Ah, it's a common occurrence. This struggle between me and my computer, slow like a snail, that I end up banging my head against the wall. So, what do you do in that case? Let your computer go to the dogs? Or do something about its speed? Obviously, the latter. And
Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Computer
Windows Registry Repair
Windows Registry Errors Slow Down System
90 percent of the speed problems in a computer are a result of windows registry errors. Your windows registry has a track record of all the software in your PC. With frequent downloading, we tend to pitch in many unwanted software entries, thus, slowing our PC. However, you could increase the performance of your computer by using a registry cleaning program, that can be fetched from the Internet itself.
Virus Detected
Virus May Slow Down System
Downloading too much stuff lately, eh? You need to check on malware and spyware. When you download files from the Internet, you sometimes happen to download virus along with it. In this case, one of the biggest reasons for your computer to slow down must be a whole lot of virus in your computer's brain. Get the latest version of a good anti-virus software, and kick all the malware out of your PC!
It Needs Some Space
Less Space May Down System
Hmm, now, when you're in a habit of downloading stuff from the Internet, it's natural for you to store it in all the hard drives. Think of your computer as a fat lady. The more you feed her, the more weight she puts on, and the more difficult would it be for her to walk. Delete all software programs, games, and entertainment media files that are just lying in your PC, and you no more use them. It will let your PC take some breaths of respite, so that it can work with great speed.
Eradicate Temp Files
Enhance Computer Speed-Delete Temp Files
Your cache memory has a lot of unwanted stuff stored. It's time you delete all temporary files, cookies, and history of the websites you browsed, which unnecessarily take a lot of space in your computer, thereby, slowing it. To delete temporary files, go to the Start Menu, select Run, and type (%temp%), which will show you all the temporary files you can select and delete.
Enhance Your RAM
Greater RAM for Greater Speed

Improving your Random Access Memory seems to be the most viable option, considering the fact that more the memory in your PC, better the speed. Check out the existing RAM in your PC with the help of System Information, and decide how much more RAM you require. The more the RAM you get, the better will be the speed of your PC.
Defragment It
Defragment Your Computer for Greater Speed
Your computer comprises thousands of sections in which data is stored. If your computer is too slow, chances are, the data doesn't exist in the respective folders. You need to carry out the process of defragmentation in order to create proper sections of data, so that the disk head easily recognizes it. Over a period of time, data storage becomes scattered with new data piled over. Defragmentation helps in minimizing the time of data retrieval, thus, enhancing the computer speed.
Take an example of your wardrobe. If you're in a habit of piling clothes, irrespective of what they are, into the wardrobe, chances are, you'll take hours to find out that one pair of jeans you wore five months ago. However, if you sectioned your wardrobe into jeans, Ts, shirts, etc., finding that jeans would've been a matter of seconds. Well, that's how a computer's storage system is.
Quickies to Make Your Computer Faster
Zip It
Compress Files to Increase Speed of Computer
Try compressing big files that have taken a lot of space in your computer. This will create more space, and hence, will contribute to increasing the speed of your PC.
Go Back in Time
Restore Computer to Increase Speed of Computer
One of the best ways to enhance PC speed is to restore your system to an earlier time when it was working fine. This can be done by using System Restore. Once you create a definite system restore point, you will never fear losing your important data.
Disable Automatically Opening Applications
Avoid Automatically Opening Applications to Increase Speed of Computer
Does your computer system automatically start up some applications while starting? If it does, it's time you disable them so that your PC takes less time to start. This can be done by typing command MSCONFIG in Run.
Use One Browser
Avoid Automatically Opening Applications to Increase Speed of Computer
Use only one Internet browser, as multiple browsers slow the performance of your computer. Truth be told, there isn't a browser better than the Google Chrome. Make a habit of using it to browse the Internet.
There are a hundreds of other ways, the easiest of which have been pitched in here, in this write-up. The next time your computer calls 'Time Out!', you know what to do before calling for technical support. However, if none of the above methods do the trick for you, it's better to call a hardware engineer and let him sort out the issue. We might be knowing everything about our computer, but sometimes, it's better to hand a tricky computer system to a professional, rather than goofing up yourself. Isn't it?