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How to Program a Dish Network Remote Control

Kanika Khara Nov 4, 2018
Dish network remote control programming is used to program a remote control for a receiver, TV, VCR, or DVD. It is not as complicated as it seems, hence, to know how it is done, read on.
A dish network remote can be set up to control various electronic devices, like a satellite TV, receiver, VCR, amplifier, etc., using just one remote control.
To program a dish remote you will need the user manual for the codes; you can also find the source code manually. The programming is relatively easy, and it will not take more than 30 minutes to complete the entire procedure.

Programming the Remote Control of Dish Network

Here are the steps involved in programming a dish network remote control.
1. Switch on the power of the device, that you will be programming into the dish network remote control.
2. Select and press the mode button on the remote till you see all the lights of the mode buttons flash. Once you leave it, the mode button should be blinking. While using the Aux mode button, use the number pad to insert 0 for a second TV, 1 for a second VCR/DVD, 2 for an amplifier, tuner, or cable box.
3. In the user manual, search for the section that reads 'Manufacturer codes for programming the remote'. Go through the list to find the brand name of the device you are programming. Next to the brand name are the codes that you have to try.
4. Insert the first code on the key pad and press the pound (#) button. If the code entered is correct, the mode button you have chosen will flash thrice. Press the power button on the remote to check if it is functioning for the device you are programming. If yes, the device should shut down.
5. Switch on the device and try using other buttons on the remote to check whether they are also working or not. If not, it means the programming has been unsuccessful and you need to try the next code on the list until all buttons on the remote work on the device. Repeat the above mentioned steps with each code until the right code has been found.
6. If the correct code is not listed in the manual, try scanning for device codes.
To program dish network remotes that have one mode button at the top, keep the device on, press and leave the mode button until the light flashes behind the correct mode. Press the address button and enter the code on the remote's keypad. If the code is valid, the mode light will flash thrice. 
To verify whether the code works, try the other buttons for that device. Some codes may provide partial functions or respond differently, hence, try other codes till you find the code that offers complete functionality.
A dish network remote control offers you access to hundreds of channels. All you have to do is to recognize the model of your remote control, so that the corresponding codes for the dish network remote control can be determined. Once you are done, you will see how much simpler this makes your life everyday.