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DirecTV Internet Connection Service

Abhijit Naik Oct 29, 2018
Here is some information on DirecTV Internet , for those who wish to subscribe.
One of the bigwigs in the world of satellite television, DirecTV has now started to offer high-speed Internet access as well. It has got into tie-ups with some of the stalwarts of the Internet, like CenturyLink, Verizon, AT&T, Windstream, Exede, HughesNet, Cincinnati Bell, and Mediacom.

DirecTV Internet Connection

If the people at DirecTV are to be believed, their satellite Internet service is 30 times faster than that of their competitors. While it is definitely faster than dial-up Internet, it is difficult to say the same when it comes to competition with cable-based players, with everyone competing neck to neck.
However, there are some advantages with DirecTV Internet which makes it hands down the winner. For instance, regardless of whether you stay in an urban neighborhood or away from the hustle bustle of the city where broadband cable is yet to make its presence felt, DirecTV Internet is just a call away.
You can access DirecTV high-speed Internet by using a satellite dish, in the same way as you access DirecTV satellite television. Like we said earlier, DirecTV has got into tie-ups with nearly all major Internet service providers in the country. So you don't have to worry no matter where you happen to reside as almost all the neighborhoods are covered.
Satellite Internet is not hampered by infrastructure issues which mar the feasibility aspect of broadband cable. When you opt for DirecTV high-speed Internet, the concerned Internet service provider will provide you with the necessary equipment.

How Much Does it Cost?

Considering that you need technical expertise when it comes to the installation part, you will have to get professional help. The installation cost charged by a professional will differ from person to person. The charges for this service are a little high as compared to its traditional DSL counterpart.
Having said that, if you are already a DirecTV satellite television subscriber, you can get a decent discount on the Internet subscription. You can call 1-800-531-5000 to bundle your Internet service with existing satellite TV service. As it is a part of the DirecTV bundle, the bill for high-speed Internet connection will be added to your DirecTV bill.
The price you will have to pay will depend on your region and the third-party Internet Service Provider. CenturyLink has the Triple Price Lock bundle (DirecTV + Internet + Home phone) for USD 120 with a guaranteed lock in period of 2 years. (Note: These prices are subject to change.)
Before opting for this service, you also need to take into consideration the negative points of the same. Some reviews, for instance, suggest that extreme weather conditions can affect the speed of the connection or lead to connection problems, which is also the case with satellite television. Also, some reviews also complain of slow speed and latency.
At the end of the day, no matter which product you choose, it is bound to have both, advantages and disadvantages; DirecTV Internet is no exception. As a customer, you need to decide what you want, weigh both, and only then sign the dotted line.