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Data Entry Test

Charlie S Oct 28, 2018
Know about how are data entry tests conducted and get some tips to prepare for getting good kph score.
These days, many data entry jobs are being created in the job market. Along with the small and local companies, there are positions for data entry operators in large multi-national corporations too. However, at the time of recruitment, you will have to clear the examination which would test how fast you can type the given content.
This test also aims at testing your accuracy. Generally, accuracy in such tests is measured as a percentage and if your percentage is above the expected figure, your chances of being hired increase manifold. By clearing the tests, you can get full-time jobs as well as the work from home jobs.

Data Entry Jobs

Typing jobs are among the popular data entry jobs and pay quite well. Most companies offering such jobs do not require you to have a particular degree, though having one can certainly increase your chances of getting the job.
Creative writing jobs, where you have to use your knowledge and creativity to make good and original content for the website which employs you, are being offered a lot these days. Then, there are the medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding jobs which can also earn you a good income by working for a few hours every day.
Article writing jobs are also included in this list. Email forwarding, get paid programs, survey programs and essay writing jobs are also very popular among the people. These jobs can be done by literate people of all age groups and can be a great source of income.


The tests aim at testing the typing speed and the accuracy of the candidates. In this test, the candidates are tested for inputting letters and numbers. The duration of these tests is fixed by the employers. General observation states that the time frame is between one to five minutes. The keystrokes per hour are measured by the administrator of the test.
There are many things which you should remember before appearing for an exam. Firstly, you should sit in an erect posture and concentrate fully with your hands on the keyboard letters. As you start typing, check whether you are typing exactly the same thing which has been given to you by the exam administrator.
Before the actual test, you should appear for many mock tests, where you will practice typing content in a fixed duration of time. Get your performance evaluated from an expert and seek some useful suggestions from him to improve your speed. Try to complete your work more accurately and in less time as compared to your previous attempt.
There are many tests available online which you can take by paying the nominal fee. Some sites may allow you to download the tests after completing the payment formalities, so that you can practice the test as many times as you want and whenever you get free time.
There are some good websites which offer you practice typing tests. TypingTest is one such website which provides typing tests, where you can set the time of the test from one to three minutes and different types of information to type. Type online is another such website which offers quality typing tests that can help you to increase your typing speed.
Learn 2 Type is a website where you can check your number typing speed and get yourself evaluated immediately. For those who want to test their keyboard skills, data entry and entry-level math skills, they can visit Tested OK website. Keybr is a classic website that will help you to improve typing abilities with sufficient practice.
Scoring well in the data entry exams is a must to ensure a flying career. So, work hard, have patience and faith in your abilities to achieve success. Here we would like to stop by wishing you all the best!