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Content Is King but Creativity Is the King-maker

Creativity is the key to make your content the king in 2019. Weave creativity into your content and grab your readers' attention!
Aishwarya Karwa Mar 25, 2019

Fuse Creativity in Your Content

The burgeoning chunks of content on the web today make it paramount to have the element of creativity in the content. Only the content infused with a hint of creativity actively seeks readers’ attention, keeps them hooked onto the website and makes them come back for more.

Don’t Just Make It Good, Make It ‘look Good’ Too!

In order to engage the modern reader base, you should heed that ‘How a story is being told’ is just as pivotal as ‘What story is being told’. If you want your content to be good, the foremost step is to make it look good i.e. present it really well.

Presenting the information in a persuasive manner is a requisite to catch the reader’s eye.

Storytelling Format Is the New Buzz

“Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive.” - Barry Lopez.

Today, a humongous crowd of Gen Z’s is actively consuming the content on the go. Thanks to the Stories format, a buzz that has elucidated vast information in a startlingly simple way.
So push the creativity pedal, create immersive Stories and captivate your readers.

Make Your Headline Catchy

Albeit your content strikes a chord with the audience, if the headline doesn’t resonate with them, they will leave the site right away. A powerful headline gives a gist of what your article or story is trying to convey.

Choose the strings of words carefully and attract your audience, maintain their curiosity and interest.

Creative Content Is Search-engine Friendly

From a technical standpoint, creative content with precise keywords is SEO-friendly too. The content which is crisp, not too verbose but clear enough can help your blogs, Stories or articles rank higher on the search engine.

Long-form Content Still Gets the Recognition

Search engine like Google prioritizes lengthy yet impactful content on the Internet. So you might as well try writing long articles but don’t forget optimizing your content, using search keywords and ornate titles wherever necessary.
So how does the creative content help you stand out from the competitive gargantuan crowd, you ask? Well, the strand of creativity in the content has several perks. To cite a few, it enhances the reader engagement, helps businesses expand their market reach, leads to a potential upsurge in the website traffic and eventually stiffens your revenue.

Evoke Your Audience’s Emotions

Creativity in content does not mean you should write flowery sentences, rather you should emphasize on creating content that’s simple, clear and connects with your audience by arousing their emotions. Such emotions include awe, wonder and humor.

Content that evokes an emotional reaction is more likely to bring worth and wonder to your readers.
Having various elements of creativity in your content can truly help you in better content marketing. You can add an inkling of creativity in your content by following these two approaches.
  • Content Creativity
  • Visual Creativity

Content Creativity

Content that includes a discussion, asks questions and also answers them, is always rewarding and more inviting. Why, you ask? Because, let's be honest, who doesn’t like to be on a quest for knowledge and broaden their horizons? Everyone and that includes your readers too!

Storytelling is another powerful content creativity approach to guerdon your audience.

Visual Creativity

The reason why visually creative content bewitches a mass of readers is that the human brain tends to grasp visuals better than the bland text.

Content packed with visuals is easy to understand and more importantly easier to remember. With visual elements like animations, infographics, images, and videos enthralling your audience is a cakewalk.

AMP Stories Have It All

Google’s brand new AMP Stories format lets users create immersive Stories that load blazing fast, are visually striking, tappable and Search-engine friendly. AMP Stories focus on mobile and user-first experience which helps the audience read and absorb the content on the go.

Upgrade Your Content Marketing With AMP Stories

The highly engaging AMP Stories format is set to be the future of the modern storytelling because Google will index them higher on SERPs in the mobile search.

Shareability across all the social media platforms makes AMP Stories an irresistible content format. You can definitely rely on AMP Stories to revamp your content marketing plan.

Visual Stories- A Boon to Make Your Content the King in 2019

Visual Stories provides a no-code solution to create enticing AMP Stories that will seize your audience’s attention.

Create AMP Stories in a trice with Visual Stories’ spectacular and efficient ‘Story Builder’ and up your creativity and content marketing game.