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Computer Security Authentication

Methods of Computer Security Authentication You Shouldn't Ignore

The processes that are followed to verify the user's identification, who is logging into a computer or a network, are called computer security authentication. Here, we deal with various aspects related to these processes.
Shah Newaz Alam
Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018
Adware, malware, spyware, and computer bots are few threats that prompt the use of a secure computer authentication system. Various methods are used in these processes. However, the stress has always been towards a software approach for solving the purpose of authentication.
Password for computer
They are the easiest and most common authentication processes that are used, not only on desktop computers, but also at the network level. However, certain rules should be followed, while setting a password for your computer or network.
Do not use easily predictable words; they don't even require a hacker to access the system through your account. Use passwords that are unpredictable. Set long ones, and use numbers and special characters for this aspect.
Remember your passwords; don't write them down anywhere. Hackers use various tools to know your passwords, but a long one with a number of special characters, will indeed gives them a lot of trouble.
Digital Certificates
Public key
Using a certain algorithm, computer administrators combine your personal details with other user credentials to generate a public key. This key or digital certificate, is used for the authentication purpose in the network.
Smart Cards
They are among the very few hardware authentication processes, in which a simple card with an embedded circuitry is used for accessing the network. Each valid card for a particular network, when inserted into a particular circuitry, gives an output, which decides whether you will be allowed to enter into the network or not.
Smart Card
The programming logic inserted into each card is different, and it's one of the safest methods of authentication.
Fingerprint Detection
Fingerprint Detection
Almost available in all laptops that are manufactured today, fingerprint detection is another safe method of computer security authentication.
Face Recognition Systems
Face Recognition System
Many people working in the field of security have questioned their user-friendly nature, and the security provided by them. Calculations of dimensions of the face are done by the computer, and the logic used in doing so, has often been error-prone.
Biometrics authentication
It is a more secure way of authentication, than passwords or digital certificates. It is even safer than smart cards, which may be misplaced. The physical and behavioral traits of a person are taken into consideration for this type of authentication.
Captcha Keys
Captcha Keys
In this process, it is verified whether a human or a computer bot has logged into the system. Captcha keys are randomly generated alphabets and numbers, which are presented in such a form that only a human can recognize it.
Now, let's talk about the normal computer security authentication processes that we can install (or use) at the local level. Setting up a BIOS password for your computer may not be the ultimate security option.
BIOS Battery
Removing the BIOS battery from the computer system for 30 seconds, deactivates this security feature.
Setting up the administrator password is of utmost necessity. If this is not set, then any user can log into the computer, irrespective of the fact whether he has an account in that system or not.
These methods are just a few of the widely used authentication methods. In fact, the measures that we take for safeguarding our computer or network, are more important than the method itself.
Many of us have a habit of naming our networks after a protagonist from our favorite movie. This should be avoided, and networks should have sensible names that cannot be easily determined. If you are a network administrator in charge of a closed secure network, then it is always desirable to set your network visibility status to the invisible mode.