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How to Compress Video Files for Email

Compressing video files for email is just a matter of using a good quality software that is specifically meant for that purpose. This article lists out the instructions you need to follow for carrying out this task.
Stephen Rampur
File conversion and compression are widely used in the world of Internet technology. There are many types of audio and video files that are used for data sharing and data storage. However, there may arise a need for you to send a large video file to a recipient via email. You try to do so using an email client but cannot get through the process successfully.
The reason is that the file is too large for the email program to support its transfer. Even if you manage to send the file, the recipient will have to face a lot of issues in downloading it. If this is your case, you will have to first compress the file and then send it. You need to use a file compression software to reduce the size of the large file.
File zipping can be done with the help of many different software. Using 'WinRAR' to compress large files is easy. Similarly, there are many video file compression programs available in the market for purchase.
You can download such applications from the web. However, it is recommended to purchase licensed versions from your local computer shops, as trial versions may not offer the best quality and may deteriorate or corrupt the zipped file.
Compressing Video Files
For Windows OS
★ Compressing a video file and sending it via email is a very easy process. Once you have the software installed on your computer, create a folder on your desktop and copy-paste all the files that you need to zip.
★ Now, right-click on the folder and select 'Send To' and then the 'Compressed (zipped) Folder', which will initiate the process.

★ Once it is complete, simply attach the folder to your email draft using the extension '.zip.' This is the default procedure to use in Windows operating system.
★ If you are using Mac OS, you just have to right-click on the folder containing the video file and choose 'Create Archive'.

★ In both the operating systems, you can see a window that will display the progress of the task.
★ You can then attach the zipped file to the email and send it easily.

★ Nowadays, there is no need to install any specific software for this purpose, since it is included with the OS by default.
'WinRAR' is one of the most popular applications used all over the globe. With the software, you can easily carry out zipping of files of most format and e-mailing the compressed file.