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How to Install a Coaxial Cable Splitter

Take a Look at How One Can Install a Coaxial Cable Splitter

A coaxial cable splitter is an inexpensive and useful device that helps you split a coaxial line to multiple outputs. Take a look to learn how to install it for everyday applications.
Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019
A coaxial cable is typically designed to provide a signal to one single device. But with the help of a splitter you can easily multiply the signal to more than one or two outputs. A coaxial cable splitter is a device that helps a user to split the data signal from one source (cable line) into multiple lines.
For instance, if you have both internet and cable television in one line, and you want to operate them simultaneously, you can purchase a splitter from any electronic hardware store and use it to split the line to connect several devices, like modems, televisions, phone devices, etc.
A splitter port can vary from a range of 2-16 for multiple and easy use. In case if you have a Voice Over IP (VOIP) cable phone line, the need of a 3-way splitter comes into picture.
In case of just an internet connection and television cable, a 2-way splitter is good enough. Some may question the legality of using such a device. Well, using a coaxial cable splitter is totally legal. It is just the utilization of a normal cable line that powers various cable devices in your home.
(Note: This concept in no way refers to splitting of the cable line in order to get free cable in your home.)
How to Install a Coax Cable Splitter
  • Screwdriver/Drill
  • Coaxial cable splitter (multiple outputs)
  • Single section of coaxial cable/output on the splitter
  • Get hold of the cable you wish to split and connect the splitter to it.
  • You will have to do this by pushing the wire of the coaxial cable connector right into the input connector of the splitter device.
  • Keep turning the cable while pushing it in the splitter so that it fits tightly in place.
  • The device has at least one or more loops which are actually designed to secure the cables with screws.
  • So when you fix the coaxial cable connector into the splitter, you can actually screw them up so that they are immovable. This helps when you have to run cables from one room to another in your house.
It's often observed that when people use splitters to get a separate television connection, the reception seffers. There is some sort of disturbance and interference in receiving data signals from the main line. This happens due to cable splitters. Hence, the best option can be to use an amplified splitter.
It strengthens the power of the receiving signal and reduces noise and disturbance in the line. You can purchase this device from any electronic store.
As you have seen how easy it is to install this simple equipment, you can now enjoy your entertainment, without a fuss, that too under one roof!