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Buying a Wireless Modem for Internet Access

Khushnuma Irani Sep 30, 2018
A wireless modem can be the answer to all your Internet accessibility woes. Here is some information that could make buying a wireless modem simpler for you...
Need to connect to the Internet, but don't want the hassle of wires and telephone lines or cable wires? Then, the wireless modem is the best option for you. And it is suitable for those who need wireless Internet connectivity for home or office desktop.
Before buying this modem for Internet access, you should have a look at the following paragraph. It has information that will help you understand the different modems available and the ones that suit your need.

FAQs About a Wireless Modem for Internet Access

There are several options in these modems that are compatible with desktops; here is how you can choose the right kind:

» Find out from your Internet service provider if they can give you the option of buying a wireless modem that is compatible with your desktop. This is an easy choice as it ensures that the modem is compatible with the Internet service provider.

» Never buy one without comparing the prices of several types in stores either online or otherwise. Online vendors lower their prices, hence buying one online is better.

» Know more about the features offered. Compare the features with other modems and never buy without reading reviews about various products.
» If you don't get the best deal online, then head out and get in touch with one of the wireless internet companies, most often these companies offer a modem at no extra cost if you are using their service.
This is a great way to find not only a good modem, but also a service. The only downside is that you will have to use the wireless Internet service provider for a few months, as you may need to subscribe the service for minimum of 3 months.

» While buying or choosing a wireless modem, make sure it has all necessary features like USB and Ethernet Cable connectivity. It also needs to have backward compatibility equipment, enhanced security, PC and Mac compatibility, depth, width, port connection and slot type.

» Find out which type is compatible with your computer, the internal or the external wireless modem.

» Find out the type of network that the Internet service provider can get access to, it will be Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Cellular Digital Packet Date (CDPD) or General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). Buy a modem for your desktop that is compatible only with the network of your service provider.

» Check out the data transfer speed of the network. Make sure that the data transfer speed of the network is compatible with that of the modem. Like a GPRS wireless Internet Network service needs a minimum of 56 kbps.

» You need to choose a desktop modem that can give you the right kind of coverage. If you have a GPRS wireless Internet Service Network that allows international access, then make sure the wireless modem is compatible with this, as in it should have international coverage.

» For your desktop, always check the security features of the modem. These days identity theft is a big threat in the cyber world and most modems are prone to such threats. Check for features like 64-/128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy and Wi-Fi Protected Access.

» Choose one that is compatible with the user interface of your desktop computer. The most popular interfaces are PCMCIA, USB and Serial Port. The USB port wireless modem is more flexible than PCMCIA or Serial Port; so choose according to the kind of flexibility you desire.
Choose according to what you want and need, do not be fooled by fancy advertisements or smart wireless Internet service provider salesman. Always check for reviews and speak to friends who are more gizmo friendly. Buying a wireless modem is not a difficult task. All you need, is a bit of information regarding the products you are interested in.