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Best Internet Browser

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Feb 8, 2019
Which is the best Internet browser? Ever thought about it? There are so many browsers available in this world but which is the one which provides with all the necessary features you require. Hard to say isn't it. Let's have a look.
Internet or web browsers provide you the liberty to access the millions of sites and data all around the world. With just one click you can download content, view movies and photos and also have a look at websites which have a lot of graphics attached to it.
However, many times it has been noticed that web browsers don't work the way they should be working. They get slow, take a lot of time downloading stuff and also opening up a page. Now there are so many types of web browsers in the world, that it becomes hard to choose the best one.

What is the Best Internet Browser

Choosing a good browser is really very important for your surfing time. Having a useful browser can save loads of time and headaches by giving you the correct websites and also ensuring that you a good loading speed.
Technology is advancing on a daily basis and it's also making sure that your system is provided with the latest updates regularly. So it's very necessary that you have the best web browser on your PC so that you can take full advantages of such services and also ensure strong Internet safety.

Internet Explorer

This is the most popular and the best Internet web browser for Windows. It's the brain child of Microsoft and was launched in 1995. It's known as the Windows Internet Explorer or IE. As the Internet Explorer is the most famous of them all, most people believe that the Internet Explorer is the only used web browser in this world.
However, this is not right and there are many other web browsers which are equally good as Internet Explorer. But Windows Internet Explorer still dominates the market share and is also a recommended Internet browser for Windows 7.

Mozilla Firefox

According to many critics Mozilla Firefox is the fastest browser in the world. It provides you with a secure environment in the Internet world where everything is uncertain. It's the best choice for Mac and you can also enjoy the various features like easy navigation between tabs and great bookmark operations.
You can also give it a new look and theme whenever you want. It also supports all the modern features like HTML 5 and also blocks the sites which pose a potential threat to your operating system.


Designed and developed by Opera Software in 1996, Opera is a famous browser which is basically used in mobile phones, PDA, computers and smartphones. It is the best choice for Android but also works well on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Opera is fast, hardly crashes and is seldom attacked by viruses.

Google Chrome

You can make it out from the name, Chrome was made by Google. It's the newest competition in the world of browsers and competing for the title of the best Internet web browser.
People call the Google Chrome the "Light Weight Browser". It's been named that because of its ability to upload web-pages at a great speed and also handle Javascript pages very effectively.
Google Chrome offers you all the features which all the other web browsers have to offer. It uses a tab system for opening web pages and the browser also offers you a bookmark syncing manager to make sure that you bookmarks are always organized. Surely one of the best web browsers in the market today.
Each browser is different from the other and has something different to offer. Rumors are floating that in the coming year, you will see the introduction of many such browsers and most of them can be strong contenders to the existing market leaders.