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Benefits of Overclocking

Awesome Benefits of Overclocking You'd Be Surprised to Know About

Overclocking a computer means enhancing it so that it functions beyond its capabilities. In most cases, it is the processor of a computer that is overclocked, but other components can also be subjected to this, so that the user can derive the maximum benefits.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Jan 4, 2019
People who are well versed and familiar with their computers will know all about overclocking their processor speeds in order to get enhanced performance. While it is not entirely safe, it is also true that there are certain benefits of overclocking that can improve the efficiency of the machine, and make it more responsive than the manufacturer imagined.
This simply means that the speed of the computer is increased beyond the limitations that are set by the manufacturer, and it is for this reason that in most cases, people who own low performance and low end machines undertake this procedure.
The procedure can be carried out for the various components in the machine, and this includes the processor, the graphics unit and other components and hardware peripherals as well. Basically, anyone who wants maximum performance from their machine at the cost of damaging it, can overclock their computer and achieve this.
The clock speed of a component refers to the speed and the frequency at which it oscillates when it is in motion, and hence overclocking means pushing something to run at a speed beyond its normal capabilities. Sooner or later, this will take a toll on the machine though, so this is a risk that one should be well prepared for.
What are the Advantages of Overclocking
The most important one is that the component that has been overclocked can function at a speed that is greater than normal. Hence, it can emulate a higher quality model with ease. For instance, a 3.0 GHz processor can be overclocked to run at 3.4 GHz and this will ultimately benefit the user.
People who have bought components with budget restraints can make the most out of their hardware by overclocking them. Even people who like to derive the maximum value out of their components can utilize this method for best results. However, you must remember the risks involved, and this is why most regular users would not consider doing this.
People who like to play a lot of heavy duty games will find overclocking extremely beneficial for this very reason as well. PC gamers are always looking for ways to enhance their machine's performance because the configuration needs for the best new games are constantly rising.
By overclocking them, they can play all the latest games without any lags and frozen frames, and they can do this without spending money on expensive gaming laptops or desktop computers.
Learning how to overclock CPU is something that an experienced computer user can learn to do easily, but he should know all the intricate details about the same, before doing so.
Some more small advantages which are a direct result of enhanced speed are as follows.
  • Saves money for the user.
  • Gives the user more options and hardware peripherals to work with.
  • Decreases booting time and loading time of the machine.
  • Increases frames per second rate in the machine, which is handy for games and movies.
  • Video encoding and decoding would also become faster.
  • The user can play all the latest games with ease.
All these benefits are enough to entice people to go ahead and do it, in spite of knowing all about the dangers as well. People who have done this before absolutely swear by it because they have seen the results with their own eyes, and for people who are contemplating the same, the only advice we can give is to go ahead and overclock their machine anyway.