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AMP: The Inevitable SEO Strategy for 2019

Pragya Singh Jan 25, 2019
Do you feel the SEO strategies of your website are under-performing and not giving you the desired results? AMP is a strategy that you might need to incur if you want your website to rank well and gain traffic.
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source web project by Google, which boosts the SEO factor of your mobile website and improves its performance. AMP pages load four times faster than the web pages without AMP.
Accelerated Mobile Pages have been developed to cater to mobile users. Page speed is essentially a mobile ranking factor. 1 second of delay in page loading reduces conversion rate by 7%. Hence fast loading pages are necessary for improvising SEO.
As Google has started rewarding the websites that are AMP ready, the search results placement for your website will have a great boost. For publishers and marketers, their sites getting placed in the top search results help increase web traffic and brand recognition.
AMP primarily helps in mobile optimization. To let the readers sink into your website, giving them the best user experience and better readability is crucial. AMP gives this immersive experience with its features like speedy pages and quick access to information. To make your website compatible with the latest technology, AMP is the way to go.
AMP Stories, works as a reliable SEO strategy that incorporates all features needed for a good business and viewership. You can boost your SEO with the visually appealing content, mobile friendly format and pages that load quickly.

Wondering how to create AMP Stories? AMP Story Builder by Visual Stories is here to help.

How AMP Benefits SEO?

AMP on a website means a boost to time-on-site, reduced bounce rate, and so, more conversions. These SEO metrics push the site up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as search engines prefer mobile friendly content.
The biggest reason for AMP to get an SEO boost is that the AMP pages show up on the Google News carousel and are given a priority to be placed above-the-fold on mobile searches.
Loading time and user's time-on-site are the factors to rank in the SERP. For your website to rank higher, AMP is the perfect solution to involve the web viewers and increase their time-on-site. Moreover, it uses an API to ensure that the HTTP requests are processed as fast as possible.
Considering 'reduced loading time' the benefit that AMP gives us; an additional benefit of less bounce rate is also rendered. While it may not be an efficient SEO ranking factor, a low bounce rate validates to search engines that your pages offer bite-sized content useful for your readers.
AMP as a great SEO strategy eventually grows your web traffic. With an excellent SEO for your website, the ranking of your webpage improves greatly, fetching you better profits.