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AMP Stories Format: The Perfect Solution to Information Overload

Sonali Pimpale Jan 5, 2019
Are you at your wit's end trying NOT to overload your readers with information? Worry not! AMP Stories are here to take away your woes!
With the Internet overflowing with information on every possible subject and tons of new data being generated daily, no wonder the readers have to deal with information overload.
In the whirlwind of today's fast-paced life, people rarely stop to pass more than a cursory glance at lengthy, text-heavy articles. No matter how well-written, plain text is no longer sufficient for today’s readers. They need an extra spark to really connect with your words.
As the human brain is hardwired to process images faster than text, readers are more drawn towards visual information with little textual content. Recognizing this, Google has brought us that extra spark in the form of AMP Stories, a part of the Accelerated Mobile Pages project, to save the readers from information overload.
Similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories, AMP Stories offer an immersive user experience with stunning visuals, sounds and smooth animations. AMP Stories speak more in less words by going light on text and focusing more on visuals to engage the audience.
The AMP Story Builder, a powerful Story development tool by Visual Stories, lets you create and share these compelling experiences within minutes. With this user-friendly tool, you need not be a technical wizard to transform your ideas into stunning Stories.
So, what’s holding you back? Stop worrying about overloading your readers with information. Adopt visual storytelling and start creating content in the AMP Stories format to make your audience come back for more.