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AMP Stories: A Must in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Ishwari Pamu Jan 25, 2019
Irrespective of the size of your business or industry, content marketing is among the most powerful marketing strategies. When it comes down to choosing a content marketing strategy that'll help your business grow, AMP Stories is a one-stop solution.
Mobile users spend around 77% of their time on apps instead of websites, in response to which the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project was launched by Google with an objective of placing mobile performance before everything else on the internet. Building further on its possibilities, Google introduced AMP Stories to make content creation easy.

The Right Content Format

The AMP Stories format is available on the open web and enables the creation of visual content with greater ease. Users today are more receptive towards information that is precise, unique, available in small chunks and on the go.
The AMP Stories format lets you create visually powerful stories with the content that enables you to reach your audience more effectively. It speaks to users' needs while delivering the data, as visuals - the key element of AMP Stories -  which make the data easily consumable.


More than 50% of people use smartphones to access the internet which makes it crucial for online businesses and websites to offer smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience, moreover content that’s mobile-focused i.e. an experience specifically designed for small screens.
AMP Stories serve the purpose as they let users swipe through your full-screen and mobile-optimized content without all the unnecessary distractions.


53% of the users tend to leave a website if it fails to load within 3 seconds. Page loading speed is a major factor that affects user experience and the ranking of your website. Pages that take longer to load can kill your conversion rate, resulting in less and less conversions.
Speed plays a pivotal role in content marketing. AMP Stories load twice as fast than regular web pages, keeping the users engaged for long. This makes it easier to view more content for an extended time span. Google gives higher preference to fast-loading mobile pages, which further strengthens your stand on the web.

Easy to Consume

With the increasing time constraints and the exponentially decreasing attention spans, users rarely tend to read long-form articles. Overwhelmed by information overload, they just skim through the content.
The AMP Stories format gains the upper hand as it provides users with compact and snackable information that’s easy to grasp. Having rich visuals and concise text, content written in the form of AMP Stories is easy to consume.

Search Engine Friendly

With AI being progressively used in search algorithms, user engagement metrics (Time-On-Site and Bounce Rate) are an important ranking factor. AMP Stories help your content to rank better as they are fast-loading, visually-appealing and provide an enhanced user experience.
Since Google will be doubling down on AMP Stories, including them in your content marketing strategy will let users receive swipeable AMP Stories as search results. These Stories are easy to navigate and replete with visuals which make your content more impactful thereby boosting your rankings.
Still thinking on how to make AMP Stories a part of your content marketing strategy? Visual Stories lets you create AMP Stories with great ease and without disturbing your online presence. These stories are shareable on all social media platforms. Adopt AMP Stories and you’ll be a front runner in your industry.