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Advantages of Teleconferencing

Here are Some of the Noteworthy Advantages of Teleconferencing

The world is changing into a global village and is becoming smaller day by day. Modern communication has enabled mankind to reach out to people in every possible corner. Here are a few lines about how teleconferencing is useful.
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Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
Technology of teleconferencing which is sometimes also termed as conference calling is a wonderful product of telecommunication revolution. The telephone has been in use since it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and promoted by Bell company.
The telephone has drastically changed in a remarkably short period of time and became a tool for world-wide communication. The further advancement in telephone was cell phone. The current and latest phenomenon that is coming into being is teleconferencing.
Teleconferencing is a facility that enables more than two users to have a conversation at the same time. Teleconferencing that is merged with use of video cameras is known as video conferencing. This facility of interconnection is becoming one of the most important aids of business communication.
Experts in this field predict that it will become a universally used communications tool in next few decades. Currently facilities are not very cheap, and hence it is not used very widely for domestic purposes.
Teleconferencing Advantages
The facility of teleconferencing makes possible telephonic conversation between two or more people. Its biggest advantage is that participants can attend to the important conversations on telephone even if they are sitting in their own office or home. The following are some of the genuine advantages of teleconferencing.
Reduction in Travel
As teleconferencing permits conversation between two or more people, employees of a company can attend meetings on phone. Even those who are located across the globe can participate in the meetings, without even leaving their workplace.
The communication between different offices of same company, or employees of two different companies, is enhanced and can be successfully concluded even if the employees are not actually present in person. As a result of which time, energy and company finances are saved.
Saving of Time
If teleconferencing is used judiciously, then a lot of time of the employees of the company is saved. The employees do not have to travel for meetings.
Though the modern travel facilities like air travel have made distant traveling comfortable and speedy, a journey consumes a lot of time indirectly because the employees usually take a flight to their destination, check into a hotel, and then commute to the location of the meeting. After which they come down to the hotel, refresh themselves, and return home.
The meeting itself does not consume a lot of time, but the process of travel consumes a lot of time. With the help of teleconferencing, the person can conclude the meeting by just sitting in the office. The meeting thus becomes a part and parcel of the employee's daily routine. The traveling time and also the exertion of the employee are thus reduced.
Cost Reduction
The facility of teleconferencing enables employees to easily get in touch with a lot of people at different location at the same time. Due to this the traveling cost, hotel rent and commutation cost are cut down. Though the cost of teleconferencing is high, if compared to travel and accommodation expenditure, a lot of money can be saved.
Urgent Meetings
In cases of urgency, important decisions can be taken speedily as meetings can also be held at a short notice. The whole meeting can also be recorded, and the 'minutes of the meeting' can be assembled after the meeting, indirectly saving a lot of time.
Teleconferencing is a very important revolution in the field of communication technology. This technology is sure to facilitate the needs of all the people in many spheres of life, like the domestic and corporate sectors.