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7 Best Applications of Internet of Things (IoT) in the Real World

Bindu swetha Apr 24, 2019
Internet of Things (IoT) isn't just a concept anymore! Its applications are real and are being widely used. Right from smartwatches to driverless cars, IoT is everywhere.


All wearable devices such as Fitbit and smartwatches, that are connected to the Internet, are a part of the IoT ecosystem. These devices work on sensors that provide you with accurate information, if need be.

The recently launched Look Watch, developed by Laipac Technology Inc. is the first IoT enabled standalone smartwatch.

Smart Homes

One of the most popular IoT applications, Smart homes, provide immense convenience and security. One can control AC temperature, lighting patterns, unlock doors, record their favorite TV shows, to name a few benefits of smart homes.

With companies like Philips, Haier, AlertMe, Nest upping the game, buyers are definitely being spoiled for choice!

Medicine Dispensing

IoT has been successful in revolutionizing the healthcare industry by integrating equipment and remote monitoring. Personal fitness sensors are one of the common IoT healthcare examples.

The Philips' Medication Dispensing Service is one such brilliant device that automatically dispenses the prescribed quantity of medication in cups at the prescribed time.

Smart Agriculture

Monitoring livestock and remotely operating farmlands are important applications. Using sensors, one can monitor the health of an animal and prevent the breakout of any disease in the entire farm, by pulling out the sick animal.

Cowlar and SCR use sensors in collar tags to monitor animal's key parameters like nutritional data, and movements to prevent theft.

Smart Automation

From daily production tracking to supply chain issues, IoT is helping industries get a higher return on investment. With sensor-enabled systems, one can monitor key machine parameters like power, pressure, force, etc.

Also, system settings can be optimized for re-engineering purposes alongside tracking delivery goods and sharing live inventory information.
Kaa offers a cloud-based IoT platform providing hardware as well as transport-agnostic support through a network of sensors, machines, and controllers.

Autonomous Vehicles

‘Self-driving cars’ are the most commonly used IoT applications, that sense the environment and move without any human input.

With wide network of sensors, antennas, embedded systems, these driverless cars are self-sufficient in their operations.

Smart Cities

Similarly, smart cities are shaping the construction industry to provide surveillance, better energy management systems, water management solutions and the like.

IoT is shaping our lives in a big way, and the future seems to be more connected, secure and exciting!