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6 Innovative Things to Consider Before You Start a New Blog

Akshay Kulkarni Jan 5, 2019
While everyone thinks about content quality, niche selection, the hosting platform and marketing of a blog; the content format remains an unexplored territory.
The content format of your blog has to be attractive enough to lure the readers and make them stick till the end. If done right, it grabs the readers' attention and makes them come back for more.

Make It Design-Driven

Nobody wants to read a blog with congested text and unreadable fonts. Make your blog reader-friendly with defined layouts and personalized themes. Use dark text on light backgrounds, large font size (more than 16 px) and definite line width (50-75 char) making it eye-pleasing.

Get to the Point

A lengthy blog with limited useful information is a thing of the past. Serving an information-rich and precise copy to your reader should be your top priority. Make the content concise, not short.

Use Visuals

Don’t bombard readers with words, it gets tiring. Use visuals instead, to engage them. Graphs, charts, videos, animations or even simple images enhance the aesthetic appeal of your blog.

Upgrade Yourself

People want information at their fingertips and they want it fast. Switch to the latest technologies like Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and choose innovative writing formats like the AMP Stories, to make your blog mobile-focused and fast-loading.

Add CTAs

At times, despite the high-quality content; readers lose interest because they want to 'interact'. Develop a connection with the readers by using CTAs (Call-To-Action buttons). Make them take actions like subscribing, sharing, or making a purchase; it keeps them active and engaged.

Use the Stories Format

Stand out from the crowd. Don’t play safe with the traditional blogging ways and platforms. Adopt the latest blogging format; start visual blogging with AMP Stories. An innovation of Google, the AMP Stories format lets you create fast-loading, visually engaging, full-screen, immersive stories which grab readers' attention and keep them enthralled.