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3 Great Examples of Artificial Intelligence Projects for Daily Life

Signum.AI Nov 25, 2019
Despite the active use of artificial intelligence technology, at the moment it is still in its infancy. Many companies claim that they use AI technology, while in reality, they have nothing to do with it, basing their statements only on the use of improved analysis of user behaviour.


Nearly everyone has heard of Apple’s personal assistant, Siri. It is an activated and voice-driven program, always ready to help the users. It finds information, sends in an unfamiliar area, sends messages and adds events to the calendar at our request, and much more.


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You may have heard about the Nest home thermostat - this project was acquired by Google in January 2014 for a record $ 3.2 billion. With this smart thermostat, you can control your voice with another project from Google, namely Alexa. Smart thermostat studies your habits and preferences about the temperature in the house.