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10 Fun Facts About Googleplex

Bindu swetha Apr 26, 2019
Googleplex, the headquarters of Google, is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California. Wondering how big is Googleplex? Well, with over 3,100,000 square feet of space, this corporate headquarter has the largest collection of Google buildings.
A huge T-Rex caricature made of iron is placed at the entrance of the campus, giving it an adventurous feel. The caricature is made of preserved T-Rex fossils!
The lobbies don't have a typical office feel to them. There are large computer screens installed in lobbies, that display real-time search keywords that people use, to search on Google, across the globe.

But Google's intelligent systems take care of avoiding the offensive key terms from being displayed on these screens.
Who else other than Google would know the best use of technology! The WC (water closet) installed inside the campus have automated temperature and water control mechanisms.
With an aim to promote a green environment, these Googleplex premises provide bicycles to its employees, to commute within the campus.
One of the popular selfie spots, the Googleplex Android Statue Garden, has colourful sculptures of all Android versions that have been launched so far.

Adjacent to the garden is the company store, where one can buy exclusive merchandise and collectables.
Another popular garden on the campus is the Google Food Garden. The 'Farm to Table' initiative caters to educating people about the food industry.

Also, under the 'Growing Connection' campaign, food producers from across the world are invited to grow vegetables and plants on their campus and improve their farming methods and food quality.
Instead of making employees sit alone at different work desks, Googleplex has a cluster arrangement for its employees. Around 3-4 employees can sit and work together in a shared area.

Google management wants employees to discuss new ideas, that will, in turn, enhance employee satisfaction as well as productivity.
Most of us would jump at the idea of taking a nap while at work! But at Googleplex, this is possible. The nap pods installed on every floor, help employees to refresh and ward-off their work fatigue.
There are slides installed inside the campus, to help employees slide their way to work, instead of running up/down the staircases. Though an unusual addition, these slides help relieve stress and revive a few childhood memories!
Talking about unusual additions, the full-size replica of SpaceShipOne at the Google headquarters, is a popular spot on the campus. Not to forget the award-winning cafeterias spread across the campus, offering a lot of cuisine options.
With the aim of employee satisfaction, Googleplex is the 'dream workplace' for any employee. If you are planning a trip to California, visiting Googleplex must be on your do-to list!